If you build it, they will NOT come...


Building a website is NOT like Field of Dreams

We can all hear that famous whisper from the classic baseball flick Field of Dreams

“If you build it, they will come”…

And it was right – those old-time ball players showed up.

Unfortunately, your business website doesn’t work that way. You can have the coolest website in the world, but if you don’t tell the world about your cool website then no one will find it.

So, how do you get potential customers to find you? The answer is SEO.


SEO for Small Business

You’ve probably heard the term SEO before, but what does it mean?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” – and which company owns the biggest, most widely used search engine in the world? You guessed it – Google.

So, when someone says SEO, basically what they’re saying is where does your website show up on Google?

If you show up on the first page of a Google search you’re doing great! If you don’t, around 90-95% of Google users will NEVER find your website.

That’s right – NEVER…

Why? Well, think about it – when was the last time you searched in Google and clicked on to page 2, or 3, or even 4 of the search results? Probably not very often.

And sorry to disappoint you, but you aren’t special. Most people who use Google act just like you – they don’t continue on past page 1 either.

So, how do you show up on page 1?

That’s a very difficult question to answer without explaining a bunch of technical things about how the Google search engine works – so I’ll spare you the details and get right down to it.

Google is very transparent about the 3 factors that affect their local rankings. Those 3 factors are:

  • Relevance – How well does your business match what the user is searching for?
  • Distance – How far away is your business from where the user searched?
  • Prominence – How well-known is your business?

I’ve written a guide on how to rank in Google’s local search which I’ve very directly titled – “How to get more local customers with local search rankings”. In this guide I go into much more detail on how you can nail these 3 ranking factors and start showing up on Google.


How to get more local customers with local search rankings

In this guide I explain:

  • The 3 factors Google uses to rank your business website, and how YOU have the power to boost your ranking.
  • Step-by-step guide to setting your business up for success with Google.
  • Which directories are the most important to have your business listed with (What are directories? Find out in the guide!)
  • And much more…

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